About Alex and Alice

We are lovers of stories, history and jewellery. We are collectors, curators and dealers of the vintage, antique and occasionally ancient - forever on the hunt for the Unexpected Treasure and happiest when found roaming the antique fairs and centres of the UK.  After nearly a decade working in the antique jewellery trade, with a wealth of experience and knowledge under his belt, Alex decided to take the leap, leave his job and we founded Lost Owl together: A place to curate our very own collection. To share our joy in the beauty and craftsmanship of old gold and gems, and, ultimately, to create a family business we can one day hand down  to our little ones.

Alex is an accredited gemologist with qualifications from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and a member of the Society of Jewellery Historians. We inspect all our pieces thoroughly, test the metals and gemstones and, where necessary, have them sensitively restored or repaired by our specialist jeweller.  Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and appraisal for insurance purposes.

We're based in Cheshire in the northwest of England.

About Vintage Jewellery

For as long as we have been human we have sought to identify and express ourselves through jewellery.  The antithesis of fast fashion, more than metal and stone. Vintage and Antique jewellery has been cherished, charged, and fired with the love, passion, grief, identity, loyalty, defiance and stories of people now (mostly) lost to history. These are precious talismans of human emotion made to last forever.

And we love it. All of it: the spectacular, the beautiful, the sentimental, the unique and the surprising. We take huge delight in curating our collection, researching the history and matching jewellery with their future guardians.

Curating a vivid and remarkable collection of sustainable fine jewellery and weaving them with stories of the past. This is the keystone of our family business.

Alex & Alice


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