We are lovers of stories, history and jewellery. Vintage and antique jewellery is more than metal and stone. It has been cherished, it carries a story (maybe several), and it has been charged with the love, passion, grief, identity, loyalty, or defiance of people now lost to history. These are precious talismans of human emotion.

The desire to identify ourselves through jewellery is so essentially human that we have been doing it for as long as we've been human. And we love it. All of it: the spectacular, the beautiful, the sentimental, and the odd. We take huge care in selecting the pieces on offer, and great joy in finding their future guardians.

Athena is our emblem and her owl inspired our name.

Wisdom. Craft. Strength.

Curating a vivid and remarkable collection of sustainable fine jewellery and weaving them with stories of the past. This is the keystone of our family business.

Alex & Alice


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